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Friday, January 6, 2012

SPECIAL 2.000.000

OlePlusMen:  Special 2.000.000 Hits

Last Week my blog surpassed TWO MILLION hits.
This was unthinkable for me when 11 months ago I started
the adventure of this blog.
Every million hits, I decided to dedicate a post to the Rainbow
and the significance of its colors

Two million  thanks for visited my blog,  I celebrate it with YOU

Two million  thanks to followers of  my blog.

Two million  thanks to my boy friend, for their help in my life.

This Video celebrates OlePlusMen 2.000.000 hits

Two million  thanks and a coffee to the  people who have made a donation to my blog.

Two million  thanks to bloggers who have a link to my blog.

Two million  thanks to web-sites who have a link to my blog

Two million  thanks to Brutos-Eros blog, my best referrer.

Two million thanks to visitors who left a comment in my blog

Two million  thanks to Gerardo for their comments in my  blog.

Two million thanks to my dog for company while I work on my blog.

Two million  thanks to photographers of pics  to my blog.

Two million  thanks to models or through anonymous photo of my blog

Two million  thanks by cities whith Rainbow spirit.

Two million thanks to the people who fight for Rainbow- rights in the world..

Two million  thanks to the people  who live the Rainbow-spirit

Two million  thanks if you love  my blog

Two million  thanks to the artists who spread Rainbow-spirit.

Two million  hope for sufferers the Rainbow-spirit in the world.

Two million  thanks if you hold on the Rainbow-spirit

Two million  thanks if you practice Safe Sex

Two million thanks if you  re-post this message

Two million  thanks if you revisit my blog

Two million  thanks if you leave now a comment on my blog


  1. Thanks to you! And congrats on the 2 mil marker!

  2. Hola Oscar,
    Y two million thanks a tí,por esta merecida celebración, por ser como eres, por tu saber hacer, por tu originalidad, por tu estética, por tu sentido de la belleza y lo interracial, por tu compromiso, por ser detallista y muchas cosas más...y por nombrarme también!.
    Gracias por estar ahí.
    Besos muchos.

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  4. Congratulation. Keep up the good work - love your Blog. Big hugs from Mifeboi2 ♥

  5. Beautiful post. I've not seen that many rainbows before is such unique places.

    Love your blog.

  6. 2,000,000 thanks and hugs for You Kosh.

  7. 2,000,000 hugs from You Mifeboi2, I love also your blog.

  8. Thanks very Much Amanda, 2.000.000 kisses for You.

  9. Hola Gerardo, como no se si hoy los Reyes Magos te trajeron muchos regalos, al menos queria enviarte mis 2.000.000 de gracias en mi post y desde aqui un abrazote fuerte.

  10. Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment! Go Rainbow Spirit!

  11. 2.000.000 hugs for You Kim.

  12. Well done !!! Love your blog
    Congratulations from

  13. 2.000.000 hugs for you Theo and I love also your blog.

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  15. Muy bonitos tosdos estos penes.Quisiera tener en mi boca uno diferente cada dia...para saborear...y gustar de todo. Congratulations....