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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


OlePlusMen  75          SPECIAL   EROTIC  ART 6

EROTIC ART MEN in OlePlusMen N 46

EROTIC ART MEN in OlePlusMen N 47

EROTIC ART MEN in OlePlusMen N 48

EROTIC ART MEN in OlePlusMen N 49

EROTIC ART MEN in OlePlusMen N 51

EROTIC ART MEN in OlePlusMen N 52

EROTIC ART MEN in OlePlusMen N 53

EROTIC ART MEN in OlePlusMen N 54


  1. Hola Oscar,
    Hoy no dejo este post sin comentario.
    A veces me digo a mi mismo que tu debes necesitar mucho más tiempo en hacer cada post que no otros blogueros, para poder conseguir una buena selección y variedad de fotos.
    Ya se que no descubro América ahora, pero bueno, queria dejar constancia de ello.
    Dicho está.
    Saludos, abrazos y besos.

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  3. I forgot to mention that I've added you already :)

  4. God created men in his own image! They are totally fantastic. Man dominates because of his beauty. His Face, His Beauty, His Body His Phallus, to be adored and worshiped.

  5. This site is pure art of the male, by far the best site I have ever viewed. Thanks for all of the great images - the "special erotic" photos are the most creative and intelligent male art I have ever seen on the Internet.
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